Childhood Friends Gathering

Great gathering yesterday with friends from grade school, and beyond.  I played my “Foreigner”  CD, assembled a relish tray (my midwestern friends know what that is), and made sure we had lots of beverages on hand…cause all that talking definitely makes you mighty thirsty.

Of course, everyone brought something to eat.  And by the time we had all the fresh veggies, various dips & chips and home baked goods (including home made cinnamon rolls) on the table, we realized we didn’t need to order pizza!  I don’t drink coffee, so someone even brought over their coffee pot and made coffee for everyone.

Magical how within just a few minutes, we all felt comfortable and familiar, as we shared our lives and chatted, catching up with each other.  We are all connected on Facebook, but being together in real life is so wonderful.  No one wanted to leave, but of course at some point someone had to. And slowly everyone did.

But guess what?  We had so much fun, plans for our next get together have already begun.  Being surrounded by childhood friends, who remember more about you than you do.  What a magical afternoon!

3 thoughts on “Childhood Friends Gathering”

  1. Yes …it was an incredible day! Hours passed in just minutes. Years had past…my memory has faded. Times like this brings those childhood fun days back in full color.
    Thanx for hosting us gracious hostess.

  2. What a great time this was! The time just flew by, and I hated having to leave so soon! *Darn work! LOL!! It was wonderful seeing you all and catching up! Thank you again, Gwen, for hosting! Looking forward to next time!

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