Message for Kindred Creative Spirits

Kindred creative spirits~You are a unique spirit and energy in the Universe. Your talent is priceless, and the Universe has granted you great power; the power to make magic with your gifts. Respect that power.

But know that not everyone it attracts to you, is worthy of those gifts. They may not be pure of heart. Or they may simply not yet understand, and therefore appreciate, your worth. Even if they are family, or long time friends with good intentions, find ways to protect your energy. Limit interaction, if possible. Set healthy boundaries (either silently inside yourself, or verbally with them). After being with them, allow your spirit to detoxify by spending EXTRA time with positive, healing, nurturing kindred spirits, as well as regularly connect to a higher energy source (whatever that is for you).

Share your talents, your company and your time with those that respect you and your talent. Guard your dreams. You will know the “right” people/project when your inner spirit leaps inside you as though an invisible magnet is pulling at your heart. And previously perceived obstacles, are magically removed. Follow your path. There is no map, but your inner spiritual GPS will guide you. Just be silent and listen.