Coast to Prairie

It’s been three months since I arrived in my little hometown.   What a blessing this experience has been, in so many ways.  Due to some unexpected opportunities, my life is changing direction for a bit.  And I am staying in Iowa~!

Yes, it caught me by surprise, too.  But with the help and encouragement of some very loving friends, I plan to live in Iowa for the next year.  It will be wonderful to continue this blog, as well as work on some other creative projects that have been simmering on the back burner for awhile.

Thanks to all the wonderful people in my hometown of Laurens, who welcomed me, and made my initial stay so enchanting, including my former classmates who continue to reach out to me, and re-connect.  Thank you to my amazing California friends, as well as my Facebook peeps, who always cheer me on.  And a huge thanks to my close friends who endlessly encourage and support me, enabling this opportunity to come to fruition.  I am truly blessed.

Please send love and positive energy for this next phase of my life.  I am very excited to find out what new blessings lie ahead, and hope you continue along with me on my journey by following this website and blog.

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