Nature encounters just got a bit batty!

Since arriving in Iowa, I have been enjoying more direct contact with nature.  One day a beautiful doe crossed the road, and for a moment time stopped.    The stunning beauty of its golden tan coat shimmered in the sun.  Beautiful eyes, with long lashes, looking at me.  It was an amazing moment. 

Everywhere there are Monarch butterflies flitting about.   And I have seen a huge variety of birds singing and soaring.  And that magical sight at dusk, which I had somehow completely forgotten since my childhood, lightning bugs!   As soon as I saw them my inner child excitedly exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot about the lightning bugs!”   I love to go out on my front porch in the evening to see them light up the yard.

Last night brought yet another close nature encounter, although one a bit less welcome.  While watching television, I started to notice a couple small shadows flitting around the room.   At first I was confused, then I heard a sound and realized that somehow a couple bats had gotten inside the house!   (Thankfully,  I was not watching a horror movie, or a film about vampires. lol)

I checked online for tips, and found I had to shut all the doors and windows, except one which they could exit out of, after they sensed the airflow.   Moving about the house , as two bats are frantically flying around, was a bit interesting.   I became a sort of  ‘bat whisperer’ and kept calmly asking them to hold on a moment, crouching low so they could fly over me.  I wanted them to know I was trying to help them, so they wouldn’t think I was the enemy.  

It took them awhile to find the exit, since I had forgotten to close one window in the back of the house.  I actually found a bat crawling along the screen of the open window, very anxious to leave. and waited for it to move, and then I closed that last window.   Eventually both bats found the exit (open window with no screen) in the front of the house. 

Thanks to my good friends, who I was texting throughout the ordeal.  They kept encouraging me, and one actually sent help (a couple who lives nearby).  Luckily both bats had exited, just before my rescuers arrived, and we all three had a good laugh.  Believe me, I made sure all the doors and windows were secure from any bat re-entry attempts!   As the rescuers left last night, one of them said this will make a good story for your blog! 

Thank you, Universe for sending me interesting experiences to share.   But please, no more bats!