Spring has sprung!

It’s been a long, cold winter here in Iowa. And yes, I basically hibernated like a bear! LOL Actually, my neighbors probably thought I was a turtle, because all they really saw of me for months each day was my head, when I would stick it out the front door, look around, and then pull it right back inside, because “I ain’t going out there!”

Very thankful for my dear friends in town, who would pick me up for our fun outings in their 4 wheel drive vehicles (which drove much better on the snowy, icy road then my little Honda Civic, “Goldie”). Also blessed to have discovered the local Hy-Vee grocery store will deliver. That was a service I took full advantage of all winter long!

First weekend in December snow fall

There were some days, I could barely see out my window. Other days the howling the wind, and extreme low temperatures created by a polar vortex, kept everybody inside and off the roads. A couple storms I spent at a friend’s house playing cards and board games, while cooking home made meals. Definitely reminded me of winters growing up on the farm, when we were blizzarded in.

Got to learn “Skip Bo”, another version of Uno, during the storms.

But, I survived. My car was safely garaged, and it actually adapted to the cold better than I, as it always started right up whenever I needed it. I was a bit more comfortable indoors, so I cooked all my meals, watched Roku, read piles of library books, and stayed in touch with my California friends via Facebook.

Very glad Spring is finally here! Everyone was getting a bit anxious for the snow to be gone, especially when we even had snow fall AFTER Easter this year. But based on my allergies, Spring is here to stay. LOL And so…the fun road trip adventures have already begun. Went to the Tulip Festival at Orange City this week. Rode the trolley, watched the parade, enjoyed delicious almond treats, and took pictures of tulips. It was a great time!

Tulip Festival-we rode the trolley first

And today, Joni and I are driving to Mackinac Island, Michigan for a week of fun! Scheduled to have lunch at the historic hotel, take a carriage ride, and visit a lighthouse. Will be taking plenty of pictures to share.

What fun adventures or trips do you have planned?

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