Small town perks

Small town living…does have its perks~!    I am literally only 5 (five) minutes away, from everything in town.   Seriously.  Just five minutes.   From everything.

I have had several ‘over the fence’ chats with next door neighbors.  Yep, just like Wilson on Home Improvement…but luckily our fences are lower, so we can actually see each other.  All of them have been friendly and helpful, offering me suggestions and advice.

Last week a package was mailed to my house, and the postal delivery person really went the extra mile when delivering.  No, they didn’t leave it on the front porch.  And no, they didn’t ring my doorbell to let me know it was there.  They went to the back door of the house, OPENED the door, and placed my package inside!  Okay, that is MIGHTY friendly.  And yeah, it scared the heck outta me at first…cause I didn’t know what was going on. But what an amazing level of service.

Also as I run errands around town, I have struck up conversations with people who do not seem rushed, or too busy to chat.   They enjoy trying to figure out if they knew me, or another member of my family, when we lived here.  And probably 9 times out of 10, we discover some sort of connection (whether directly between us, or between one of my relatives and one of their family members).

It is quieter. The slower pace is palpable.  And the sky is so dark at night, a canopy of stars like a blanket of white Christmas lights twinkles overhead, reminding me there is magic and wonder, everywhere.




4 thoughts on “Small town perks”

  1. That is very cool. Our UPS person one time just dropped a fragile package over our fence. I gave it back to her right away!

    1. Nope. But I do see police cars here and there. And this is funny, the Chief of Police is actually a class mate of mine. LOL

      1. Have you talked to Tom yet? We need to get him to get together with us too! Yes..small town life is definitely better than where you were…lol

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